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The Science of Vehicle Dynamics : Handling, Braking, and Ride of Road and Race Cars / von Massimo Guiggiani

This textbook covers handling and performance of both road and race cars. The MAP (Map of Achievable Performance), is presented and thoroughly discussed. The book provides a global and intuitive picture of the handling features of a vehicle. The book also deals with several relevant topics in vehicle dynamics that have never been discussed before.

In this book mathematical models of vehicles are developed, always paying attention to state the relevant assumptions and to provide explanations for each step. This approach allows for a deep, yet simple, analysis of the dynamics of vehicles, without having to resort to less robust concepts. The reader will soon achieve a clear understanding of the subject, which will be of great help both in dealing with the challenges of designing and testing new vehicles and in tackling new research topics.

This revised 2nd edition now includes worked exercises at the end of each chapter and new developments.