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„Und er bückte sich wieder und schrieb auf die Erde“ : Theodor Fontanes zunehmende Differenzierung der Bibel in seinem Romanwerk; Mit einem Register der in den Novellen und Romanen / von Friedmar Coppoletta

The aim of this treatise is to discuss various functions of references

to biblical writings which can be observed in Theodor Fontane’s novels.

Analyzing various references and allusions (especially in “Grete Minde”,

“Quitt” and “Der Stechlin”), it is maintained that Fontane does not use

bible-references as theological statements, but with a wide range of

scopes and functions: Providing sujés, situations and constellations

which are well known by the typical 19th century audience, references to

biblical texts can be used to discuss topics like normativity and

discursivity as well as to offer a pattern for political and religious

discurses or poetological reflections.