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Astroparticle Physics : The Universe in the Light of Cosmic Rays / von Claus Grupen

The book describes the branch of astronomy in which processes in the universe are investigated with experimental methods employed in particle-physics experiments. After a historical introduction the basics of elementary particles, Astroparticle Physics describes their interactions and the relevant detection techniques. The main body of this treatment concerns cosmic rays, while modern aspects of astroparticle physics are described in a chapter on cosmology. The book provides an orientation in the field of astroparticle physics that many beginners might seek and appreciate. The underlying physics fundamentals are presented with little mathematics, and the results are illustrated by many diagrams. The reader has a chance to enter this field of astronomy with a book that closes the gap between expert and popular level. TOC:Historical Introduction.- The Standard Model of Elementary Particles.- Kinematics and Cross Sections.- Physics of Particle and Radiation Detection.- Acceleration Mechanisms.- Primary Cosmic Rays.- Secondary Cosmic Rays.- Cosmology.- The Early Universe.- Big Bang Nucleosynthesis.- The Cosmic Microwave Background.- Inflation.- Dark Matter.- Astrobiology.- Outlook.- Glossary.- Solutions.- Mathematical Appendix.- Results from Statistical Physics: Thermodynamics of the Early Universe.- Definition of Equatorial and Galactic Coordinates.- Important Constants for Astroparticle Physics.- References.- Further Reading.- Photo Credits.- Index