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Analysis of Seawater : A Guide for the Analytical and Environmental Chemist / von T. R. Crompton

This complete and up-to-date compilation of the currently employed proven methods for the chemical analysis of seawaters includes more than 200 tables and 110 figures. The author presents the methods in a logical manner so that the reader can readily learn how to perform them and understand the types of instrumentation available. It helps the practitioner to implement these methods successfully into his laboratory and to apply them uickly and reliably. In addition, the detailed description of each method enables the analyst to set up new analytical methods meeting the needs for the detection of new analytes. TOC:Sampling and Storage.- Anions in Seawater.- Determination of Anions, Estuary and Coastal waters.- Dissolved Gases.- Cations in Seawater.- Analysis of Cations in Estuary, Bay and Coastal Waters.- Radioactive Elements.- Sample Preparation Prior to Analysis for Organics.- Organic Compounds in Seawater.- Organonmetallic Compounds.- Elemental Analysis.