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Microtectonics / von Cees W. Passchier, Rudolph A. Trouw

Microtectonics, the interpretation of small-scale deformation structures in rocks, is done with optical microscope and yields abundant information on the history and type of deformation and metamorphism in rocks. The results are used by geologists to obtain data for large-scale geological interpretations. This advanced textbook treats common microstructures such as foliations, porphyroblasts, veins, fringes and shear sense. It also provides information on experimental work and the techniques of microtectonic research. Many photographs and explanatory drawings clarify the text. The new edition, substantially revised throughout and extended, features two new chapters (primary structures and experimental microstructures), 90 new figures, 600 new reference and a CD with color photos, images, and animations, exercises and questions as well as a glossary. Microtectonics has proven useful for self study of microstructures and as a manual for short- and one-semester courses.