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True Visions : The Emergence of Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) refers to a vision that proposes a novel paradigm for the world-wide information and communication society aimed at the integration of technology into the background of people thus enhancing their daily lifes by supporting their well-being, creativity, and productivity. The paradigm brings together a wealth of interdisciplinay research fields ranging from the physics of materials science upto the estetics of industrial design. This book describes the emergence of Ambient Intelligence through a number of chapters written by various experts presenting their vision on the developments in this most compelling area of innovation. TOC:1. Into Ambient Intelligence.- 2. Information, Society, and Technology.- 3. Ambient Culture.- 4. Smart Materials.- 5. Electronic Dust and e-Grains.- 6. Electronic Textiles.- 7. Computing Platforms.- 8. Software Platforms.- 9. Mobile Computing.- 10. Broadbrand Communication.-11. e-Infrastructure and e-Science.- 12. Context Aware Services.- 13. Computational Intelligence.- 14. Social User Interfaces.- 15. Multi-modal Human-Environment Interaction.- 16. Intelligent Media.- 17. Smart Environments.- 18. Sensory Augmented Computing.- 19. Experience Design.- 20. Experience Research.