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Visibility and flexibility in supply chain risk management: Lessons from Germany, Japan, and the USA. / von Mathias Doetzer

This book sets out to provide an understanding of flexibility and visibility in supply chain risk management beyond national borders. The first part lays down the basic fundament of disruptive dynamics through the analysis of how pre-disruptive risk phases influence post-disruptive risk phases in interconnected risk sources. The second part of this book built on these findings by analyzing the role of information sharing to enhance the shift between pre- and post-disruptive flexibility capabilities, exemplified by various companies in Japan. The third part has taken a wider approach to provide a contribution beyond national borders, by analyzing the influence of dissimilar cultural behavior on supply chain visibility. The aim of this book is to provide guidance and insights in order to overcome disruptions, to become more resilient, and to bridge the gaps between dissimilar cultures to enhance the positive output in business environments, the global economy, and beyond.