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Macro-Engineering : A Challenge for the Future

Macro-engineering involves the large-scale modification and manipulation of natural systems for the benefit of mankind. The primary goals of some Earth-based macroprojects described in this book are power production, land reclamation, food production, climate change, environment, water, transport and coastal protection. Other Earth or space projects considered here have a more futuristic ring, but our present-day technical skill makes their realization possible. Earth-based macroprojects usually combine different aspects and aims. They have a major impact on the ecology of a region and the inhabitant's means of living (like tourism, fishing, shipping). Its effects may be felt worldwide, like the rise in global sea level after the damming and evaporation of large ocean gulfs for power production, or the change in climate following the regional reduction of solar insolation. Each project will dramatically change the lives of the people affected. It can provide them with a better standard of living, at the cost of a rapid adaptation to a changed environment and a changed life style. This may provoke temporary geopolitical and social unrest. Macro-engineering contributes to sustainable progress, but it must first overcome the social, political and economical obstacles in its way. TOC:1. Impending Anthropogenic Water and Rock Cycles
2. Global Change and the Need for Macro-engineering of World Energy Supply
3. Mitigation of Anthropogenic Climate Change via a Geo-engineering Scheme: Climate Modeling Results
4. Advanced planning-stage Power Generation Macroprojects: Land, Sea and Sun
5. Space Towers
6. Nth Degree Macro-engineering
7. Macro-scale geological carbon storage
8. A Dual Use for Space Solar Power: the Global Weather Control Option
9. Planetary Macro-Engineering Using Orbiting Solar Reflectors
10. Offshore wind-parks, mariculture, organic waste stream nutrients, and CO2 sequestration
11. Non-Rocket Space Flights
12. Macro-engineering in the Galactic Context: a new agenda for Astrobiology
13. Human Immortality and Electronic Civilization
14. Stellar engines and the controlled movement of the sun