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From Data and Information Analysis to Knowledge Engineering : Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of The Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e.V., University of Magdeburg, March 9-11, 2005

The volume contains revised versions of selected papers presented during the 29th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation (GfKl), the German Classification Society, held at the Universität Dortmund, Germany, in March 2004. Besides the traditional subjects Classification and Data Analysis, papers focus on various application fields as Archaeology, Astronomy, Bio-Sciences, Business, Electronic Data and Web, Finance and Insurance, Library Science and Linguistics, Marketing, Music Science, and Quality Assurance. TOC:Plenaries and Semi-plenaries.- Clustering.- Discriminant Analysis.- Classification with Latent Variable Models.- Multiway Classification and Data Analysis.- Ranking, Multi-label Classification, Preferences.- PLS Path Modeling, PLS Regression and Classification.- Robust Methods in Multivariate Statistics.- Data Mining and Explorative Multivariate Data Analysis.- Text Mining.- Fuzzy Data Analysis.- Economics and Mining in Business Processes.- Banking and Finance.- Marketing.- Adaptivity and Personalization.- User and Data Authentication in IT Security.- Bioinformatics and Biostatistics.- Classification of High-dimensional Biological and Medical Data.- Medical and Health Sciences.- Music Analysis.- Data Mining Competition