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Introduction to Data Mining and its Applications / von Sai Sumathi, S.N. Sivanandam

Part I Data Mining and Data Warehousing Concepts.- Introduction to Data Mining Principles.- Data warehousing, Data mining and OLAP.- Data warehousing, Data Marts and Applications.- Evolution and Scaling of Data Mining Algorithms.- Emerging Trends and Applications of Data Mining.- Data Mining Trends and Knowledge Discovery.- Data Mining Tasks, Techniques and Applications.- Data Mining – An Introduction Case Study.- Data Mining and KDD.- Statistical Themes and Lessons for Data Mining.- Theoretical Frameworks for Data Mining.- Major and Privacy Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.- Active Data Mining.- Decomposition in Data Mining.- Data Mining System Products and Research Prototypes.- Part II Data Mining Applications.- Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management .- Data Mining in Business.- Data Mining in Sales Marketing and Finance.- Banking and Commercial Applications.- Data Mining for Insurance.- Data Mining in Science and Bio Medicine.- Text and Web Mining.- Data Mining in Information Analysis and Delivery.- Data mining in Telecommunications and Control.- Data Mining in Security.