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International Terrorism : A European Response to a Global Threat

Is there a specifically ‘European response’ to international terrorism? Bringing together practitioners and academic experts this volume analyses the international context, threat perceptions and multi-dimensional nature of EU counter-terrorism measures. These cover legislative and operational measures, internal and international action and cut across all areas of EU responsibility and activity. A cooperative and coordinated system of national policies and anti-terrorism capabilities has been set up. However, the EU finds it easier to agree on objectives than on implementing them effectively.
Of use and interest to students of European and international politics, to academics, journalists, civil servants and the general reader alike, the book critically evaluates the efforts of the European Union to protect European citizens against terrorism and to maintain a balance between the protection of its citizens and the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual.
Contents: Dieter Mahncke: Introduction – Hanspeter Neuhold: International Terrorism. Definitions, Challenges and Responses – Edwin Bakker: Differences in Terrorist Threat Perceptions in Europe – Daniel Keohane: Implementing the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Intelligence, Emergencies, and Foreign Policy – Hans G. Nilsson: The EU Action Plan on Combating Terrorism. Assessment and Perspectives – Monica den Boer: Fusing the Fragments. Challenges for EU Internal Security Governance on Terrorism – Wyn Rees: International Cooperation in Counter-Terrorism. The Transatlantic Dimension and Beyond – Guy Haarscher: Balancing Security and Freedom in an Age of Terror – Jörg Monar: International Terrorism - A ‘European Response’ to a Global Threat?