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The Holocaust in Spanish Memory : Historical Perceptions and Cultural Discourse

The subject of the articles assembled in this volume is of special importance. At first glance, it deals with the Holocaust in Spanish culture and memory. Such an undertaking is important in itself, because a multifaceted examination of the Holocaust in current Spanish memory comprised of scholarship in the fields of literary and cultural studies has not yet been undertaken. Above and beyond this demanding and innovative venture, other layers of meaning are evoked and fundamental questions of historical understanding and comprehension examined. From the historians’ perspective, the essays collected here relate by and large to methodological and epistemological queries. First and foremost, the question of the correlation of historical time and epochal memory is the focus of interest. Later on, questions of moral judgment are raised and examined.
This volume brings together scholars from a diversity of academic disciplines and is intended to reflect the current state of research into Spanish and European memory. The book aims to provide a new framework for the analysis of these challenging historical constellations in Spain and throughout Europe.
The collection is opened by five essays that deal with questions of historiography and memory. A rich textual record has grown out of the Spanish experience with the Holocaust. The essays in the second section focus on questions of literary and other representations of the concentration camp experience and the articles in the third section analyze works by different Spanish authors that have made the Holocaust the subject matter of their writing.