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Facing the Wall.The Israeli Palestinian Wall

Several visits, namely field work trips, were taken by Wolf and Shalem between the years 2006 and 2009. These trips were aim at defining the specific scale that this project might take and is particular focus and also spotting the ideal areas for the photographic campaigns. Ca. 900-1000 pictures focus and also spotting the ideal areas for the photographer, Dror Maayan, whose tusk was to document all graffiti paintings on both sides of the wall. The images were taken in September 2007, and in December 2007. They document the areas of Jerusalem, Beth Lehem, Ramallah and several other chechpoints and passages, mainly around the area of Jerusalem.Facing the Wall aims at displaying the wall as an object of artistic desire. A space of artistic interactions and a canvas on which artists, be it local Palestinians and Israelis or international ones, display their messages visually. In fact, and as compared to other published material on the Isreali-Palestinian Wall which were mainly focused on the political and social outcomes of the erection of the wall, this study sheds light on the wall as an open gallery space, from both sides of which artists could act.