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Contested Spaces : Houses and Temples in Roman Antiquity and New Testament

How are archaeology and art related to understanding New Testament texts, for example, narratives of the Lord’s Supper and other meals? An international group of archaeologists, art historians, and New Testament scholars investigate the function of spaces in Roman houses and temples in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Corinth, Rome, Ostia, Ephesus, and Judea. Another concern is more fully to understand the relationship between different architectural forms, Roman domus, villae, and insulae, in relation to Paul’s letters and the gospels, in order to enable informed interpretation of leadership, meal customs, social relationships, and ethics in those contested spaces.

Contributors:David L. Balch, Monika Bernett, Irene Bragantini, Rosaria Ciardiello, John R. Clarke, Janet DeLaine, Mario Grimaldi, Maria Paola Guidobaldi, Eleanor Winsor Leach, Ulrike Muss, Tina Najbjerg, Laura Salah Nasrallah, Umberto Pappalardo, Fabrizio Pesando, Hilke Thür, Ivan Varriale, Annette Weissenrieder, L. Michael White