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Gender Budgeting in Europe : Developments and Progress

<p>This book takes a broad look at conceptual and practical&#160;applications of gender budgeting in Europe. &#160;It comprises three&#160;linked sections that work through conceptual definitions of gender&#160;budget analysis. These sections explore how it can be framed and constructed as a gender equality policy; investigate&#160;case studies across Europe; and examine challenges for implementation. </p>

<p>The first book of its kind, <i>Gender Budgeting in Europe</i> explores conceptual and methodological&#160;variations evidence in practice in Europe and the challenges of&#160;adoption and implementation in different political and institutional&#160;contexts. It&#160;brings together historical and current&#160;conceptual developments and tensions; approaches, methodologies,&#160;and tools in practice across Europe; activism, actors and agency and&#160;the engagement of formal institutions at all levels of government with feminist policy changes and feminist analysis and activists. This text is&#160;fascinating reading for students, scholars, policy makers and activists.&#160;</p>