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Corporate Plasticity : How to Change, Adapt, and Excel / von Christian Schuh, Alenka Triplat, Laurent Chevreux, Wayne Brown, Wim Plaizier, AT Kearney

What doThe Beatles, Apollo 13, the Roman military, a pack of wolves, andthe very best companies in the world all have in common? Answer: Plasticity. Theycan adapt, change, and excel as the situation requires.
In most organizations, strategy and functional excellence get themost attention. But even the best of either provides only limited long-termadvantage. Highly effective organizations add plasticity as a third dimensionand rack up stellar breakthroughs—again and again. It is the key ingredientthat allows strategy and functional excellence to deliver value. As consulting firm A.T. Kearney’s bright minds show in CorporatePlasticity: How to Adapt, Change, and Excel, plasticity also enables greatorganizations to break down barriers and collaborate in the pursuit of a commonobjective, and to reconfigure or rewire themselves to face down challenges orreach ever-stronger competitive positions. Through entertaining stories and astute analysis, this book demonstrates thatplasticity spurs sports teams to become champions, companies to book recordearnings, and artists to attain worldwide fame. You can use its principles—adaptability,flexibility, fluid networks and roles, lofty goals, and innovation, amongothers—to achieve operational excellence, tear down silos, and create morevibrant, creative enterprises. Your organization can become not just highlyprofitable and fun to work for, but an organization that can change the world. Plasticity allows an organization to choose its own destiny, become versatile,and dare more than others. Its success lies in a set of abilities called theMagic 7:
* Purpose: Your company must discover, select, and express what it is meant for.* Focus: Your company must have the courage to ignore everything that is not in line with its purpose, and then see that purpose through.* Culture: Your company must create the conditions that allow people to work across boundaries and outside of predefined roles.* Spirit: Your company must inspire people to feel part of a cause that is bigger than they are.* Networking: Your company must provide the means, freedom, and encouragement for people to nurture and grow their internal and external networks continuously.* Knowledge: Your company must encourage experts to provide their knowledge and make it readily available to everyone who needs it.* Leadership: Your company's leaders must model and personify the characteristics they want others to adopt.Silothinking? Poor collaboration? Weak earnings? Strategies that gain no traction? CorporatePlasticity: How to Adapt, Change, and Excel is the answer. It showsyou how to cultivate each of the seven disciplines to infuse plasticity in anorganization. That—along with razor-sharp strategy and crisp execution—willunleash the power you need to reach both personal and corporate goals. Youmight even change the world.