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Public Health Disasters: A Global Ethical Framework / von Michael Olusegun Afolabi

This book presents the first critical examination of the overlapping ethical and pragmatic issues surrounding disasters, global bioethics, and public health ethics. These issues are elucidated under the rubric: Public health disasters. Drawing on an approach that reckons with microbial, existential and anthropological realities, the book develops a relational framework that can help address the local and transnational dynamics of the ethical issues engendered by public health disasters.  The book also charts some of the critical roles that relevant local and transnational stakeholders may play in translating the proposed global ethical framework from the sphere of concept to the arena of action. This title is of immense benefit for bioethics scholars, public and global health policy experts, as well as graduate students working in the area of global health, public health ethics and disaster bioethics.