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Roads to Music Sociology

Music sociology is a rather neglected part of social and culture sciences. Alone the different terminologies – in German it is ‚Musiksoziologie‘ and not ‚Soziologie der Musik‘ - indicate different possible approaches: Is ‚music sociology‘ a subdiscipline within sociology, within musicology or is it a discipline on its own exposing significant differences to sociology and to musicology? Other than music psychology, music sociology is not well established, and not organised in associations. The Viennese Institute for music sociology is – as far as we know – the only one worldwide which carries the name as a sole institute. At the occasion of the 50th anniversary the Viennese institute of music sociology decided to clarify the state of the arts of music sociology and some of the most prominent representatives of the discipline were invited to participate in this project and to present different approaches of music sociology and to discuss their point of views. The main topics should be addressing the particular research objects of music sociology (institutions of music life; production, distribution, consumption of music; music-making; ‚works‘, genres and repertoires; etc.) and the different methods of research (stock-taking, surveys, interviews, music-analysis, biography-research, etc.).