The past decade saw new forms of protest in public squares around the world: from Zuccotti Park to Maidan, from the Yellow Vests’ roundabout occupations to the Querdenker anti-lockdown protests. The performative enactment of an unredeemed ‘people’ reclaiming its rightful sovereignty in such locations suggests intersections with both populism—whose meteoric rise also defined the decade—as well as new forms of political organisation that emerged in the wake of the post-2010 protest wave, from ‘digital parties’ to ‘movement parties’. This edited volume explores these intersections and the manifold tensions underlying them, drawing on numerous theoretical approaches and case studies ranging from South America to Southern Europe.

With contributions by
Marwan Attalah, Morgane Belhadi, Lluis de Nadal, Andreas Eder-Ramsauer, Seongcheol Kim, Andy Knott, Étienne Levac, Marieluise Mühe, Marina Prentoulis, Céline Righi, Héctor Ríos-Jara, Florian Skelton, Williames Sousa da Costa Borari and Thomás Zicman de Barros.