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Mine Wastes : Characterization, Treatment and Environmental Impacts / von Bernd Lottermoser

Today's best practice in environmental mine-waste management requires a thorough understanding of the wastes produced. The knowledge of mine wastes represents a new interdisciplinary science, and this book provides an introductory descriptive and analytic overview of the wastes produced in the mineral industry. It describes the characterization, prediction, monitoring, disposal and treatment as well as environmental impacts. Intended for courses, it systematically builds the reader’s understanding and knowledge of the wastes produced, their physical and chemical characteristics, and how to deal responsibly with them on a short and long-term basis. The text of the second edition employs now 22 case studies spanning the world’s mineral industry that elucidate best practice and specific challenges in mine-waste management and site rehabilitation.
The new and notable changes to the second edition will include:

Six new case studies.

Natural metal enrichment at mine sites (Chapter 1).

Weathering of smelting slags (Chapter 2).

Formation of mineral efflorescences (Chapter 3).

Coal mine waters (Chapter 3).

Cyanide degradation (Chapter 5).

Radium Hill uranium mine site, Australia (Chapter 6).

Revision of text.

Greatly expanded coverage of the geological controls on mine waste production (Chapter 1).

Fully updated and detailed explanations of coal mine wastes (Chapters 2 and 3).

The text will be revised to reflect major developments and contemporary issues that are taking place in the field of mine waste science, especially in treatment technologies (Chapters 2-7).

New web addresses useful for securing new information on mine wastes and relevant information to supplement the text will be added.

Comprehensive and up-to-date references will be incorporated into the existing reference list to guide readers to the rapidly developing fields of mine waste science.

New and improved graphics.
Additional photos and exclusion of some existing photos.

Tables of temporal data will be updated and expanded.