The book aims at presenting an updated version of the basic and general human rights debates. While it is frequently suggested that Human Rights are universal and indivisible, it is an undeniable fact that this is far from being true. And if there was ever any justification for talking about an ending to history, that narrative has definitely lost all justification in the light of recent developments. In fact, we are now witnessing a new harsh round of global system competition, often at the edge of a global hot war, now not anymore in a bipolar world but in a multipolar setting.The book contributions include reflections on history and theory, the reinterpretation of rights in different national contexts and/or in relation to specific groups (e.g. women) and areas (e.g. digitization).The book is meant to be a food for thought, at the end arguing in favour of the need to redefine Human Rights, reflecting the changes since the inauguration of the UDHR.