The regulation of various markets has increased significantly in recent years. Although the lack of appropriate regulation can be very dangerous, it is nevertheless important to avoid overregulation in order to not jeopardise economic freedom as the basis of the socio-economic system in the Western world. This comparative study covers competition law as well as sectoral regulations of the telecommunications, energy and financial markets, and aims to examine common principles against which the actions of different regulators can be assessed. The authors’ second step is to establish common standards for the assessment of regulatory intervention in economic freedom. This book will be of importance not only to private sector practitioners, but also to regulators in EU Member States and national and EU legislators, and already takes into account the implementation of increased regulation in the coronavirus crisis.

With contributions by
Robert Grzeszczak, Dawid Sześciło, Artur Szmigielski, Tomasz Klemt, Michał Dorociak, Maciej Sokołowski, Michalina Szpyrka, Paweł Wajda