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The Consumption of Counterfeit Fashion / von Joanna Large

This book explores the consumption of counterfeit fashion goods. Despite the importance of the consumer in counterfeiting policy, there has been a lack of attention within criminology about the demand for counterfeit goods. A tendency to explain counterfeit consumption through deviance or ‘othering’ reinforces stereotypical assumptions about consumers and overplays the importance of superficial factors in consumption. This book develops an understanding of why counterfeit markets exist through exploring consumer behavior in consuming counterfeit fashion, and examining this in relation to attitudes on fashion, crime, harm and victimization. The book argues there is a need to consider demand for illicit goods within a broader understanding of the nature of fashion and the fashion industry. This book will appeal to those with an interest in illicit markets, consumer behavior, fashion, criminology, and the harms associated with fashion and consumer industries more generally.