The question as to whether there can be a universally applicable concept for coming to terms with an adversarial and authoritarian past was the focus of the annual international symposium of the Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation held at the University of Buenos Aires in October 2019. Specific ways of using force, cultural legal traditions as well as the past and present approach of state and society of individual nations determine the processes of dealing with the past. Experts from Argentina, Germany and Columbia analyse and assess the criminal proceedings in Argentina and their history, the process of dealing with the National Socialist past in Germany, the peace process in Columbia, truth commissions and leniency programmes.
With contributions by
Dr. Gabriel Pérez Barberá, Dr. Natalia Barbero, Dr. Mariano Borinsky, Prof. Dr. Jörg Eisele, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Hamann, Prof. Dr. Bernd Heinrich, Prof. Dr. Cornelius Nestler, Fabián Martínez (LLM), Dr. Mónica Pinto, Dr. Daniel Rafecas, Dr. Alejandro Ramelli Artega, Jens Rommel, Dr. Valeria Thus, Alberto Yepes.